Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Funnest Group of Pictures EVER! lol

Me and Katylyn had so much fun today taking pictures in the park!

We were alone at the park so all the pics (even the ones with both of us in them) had to be edited and I pasted us together lol

These were so much fun having to pretend you
were about to get hit with nothing there lol

The best part was there was a kid's birthday party going on at the other end of the park so there were some very confused

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tonight on the Nicole Show

It was a dark and stormy night in the town of Albany. The whole town had an air of bad things to come, esspecially surrounding the haunted mansion on Old Salem Road. The women of the house had no idea of the horror that lay wait in their future...
It was a day like any other. the younger woman went to school like any other day did homework like any other day and checked her email like any other day. But then when the time came to bring the dog in, a dark cloud came about the girl and she became frightened!
What could be coming to her that chilled her bones so?
She slowly opened the back door only to one standing there! not masked robber, no angry skunk. a sigh of relief came from her lungs. The rain fell heavy on the steps leading to the dog pen...slippery steps, could this be her demise?!
Carefully, with one hand braced on the door frame, she gathered her courage and descended the stairs. At the last step, her heart yelped with joy! but wait! what if there was a sink hole at the bottom waiting to swallow her whole?! Scared once again, she shyly pushed one toe down on the ground to test her next steps and finally, she made it to the dog pen! Safety at last! She opened the pen and...
A dog yelps!
A girl screams!
Could it be?
Oh no!
It has happened!
The mother rushes to the kitchen where the faithful dog had lead the poor girl still clutching her hand tightly. screams still threatening to pierce her lips.

As she had opened the gate, the dog with such excitement and joy, jumped with anticipation, bumping into the gate and slamming it closed with the girl's finger still in the way of the latch!

The horror of that night still haunts the dreams of all who hear the story. The agony that captured the girl's finger is gone now but the memory will never fade....

NOTE: this story is true. The names have been omitted to protect the innocent

Mommy, Where do short stories come from?

My head is a very strange place as most of you have figured out by now but I feel it is my duty to warn the world with a more in-depth explanation of how my short stories come to be. Using a few analogies that I have chosen I hope I will get my point across in an appropriate way...

Like the pregnancy of the Alpine Salamander my process is long and tiresome. The story forms much like a fetus, starting out small and slimy, slowly growing into a separate and recognizable being. As the infant story develops, a pressure forms deep behind my forehead, an itch I can't scratch, reminding me it needs to be nurtured in order for it to live. After a period of time ranging from hours to weeks the final stages of the story come upon me suddenly and without warning and my time of mothering ends when the story bursts through like a pimple on the face of my mind. The words crawl out of their imaginary cocoon, onto the paper and for the first time the full image of the story is visible. It is now ready to be filed away in my blog to entertain, amuse or otherwise stir emotions in the mind of you, the reader.