Monday, March 12, 2012

New Animations

For Photography class I had to do two more animations. The first was about 18 frames, pretty boring just to prove we knew all the steps. The second was a lot of fun (Alex's idea) 240+ frames. :]
Disclaimer: the second GIF may or may not be working correctly, if not just click on it and it'll take you to Photobucket.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've never really played with HDR much but I've always wanted to. Now not only did I have to do one for my final project in Photography Class, I also have to do two more animations! Lucky me :]

Photography Class

Photography Class this term hasn't been as exciting as I was hoping it would be. But it has given me an excuse to take more pictures lately. I've gotten a few especially cool shots while working on projects, one being my first real HDR image.

Shutter Speed Project:

Product Shots:

L.A. Noire

Another project I chose for my independent study class was a poster based on the menu screen for the video game L.A. Noire. I got the game for Alex for Christmas and I just fell in love with the art style.
A screen shot of the menu
I decided I didn't want to copy it exactly but I wanted to maintain a few aspects of it. Mainly the textured wall, the car in the distance and the figure standing in the headlights.

I used Alex as a model of course (as usual lol) so it got changed to be more of a modern look with the classic noir style. 

Mediocrity Poster

My favorite class this term is my Independent Studies I have with a great prof. One of the projects I chose for that class is to make a poster in reflection of the Mediocrity Commercials Subaru ran last year.
I was fascinated by this ad campaign mostly because of it's dedication. Almost completely devoid of any explanation, just a quiet link at the end of the commercial that led you to an elaborate website appearing to belong to "Mediocrity Motors" in which you have to navigate through in order to find a small link at the bottom of a letter from the CEO that takes you the Subaru website. It's genius because the contrast of the boring, dull Mediocrity and the bold, exciting Subaru page absolutely blows your mind. The website seems to have since been taken down but the commercials can still be found on Youtube.

Mediocrity Commercials:

My Latest Projects

A Screenshot of
Lately I've been enjoying the idea of creating images based off an existing idea/style. The first of which was a wallpaper for my phone based on the website design for Gnarls Barkley. The website design is related to their newest album, The Odd Couple.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's amazing how artistic art homework can make you feel

 Mixing paint can be so beautiful :]

Monday, October 31, 2011

Portrait of a Lover

Alex actually allowing me to use him as a model for once! :D lol I know I pester him alot but I think
he's so photogenic :]

Halloween Portraits

 Just a couple of portraits Alex and I did on Saturday while we were dressed up for the Zombie Apocalypse
(which either didn't happen or we never found the right place)

I want to play with lighting more but I have no equipment yet....these have a lamp pointed straight up with a white board reflecting the light back down on us. Of course these are heavily edited but I like the look of them (that could have been inspired by the Noir styled video game Alex is playing right now) Getting dress up again on Thursday to take pictures so hopefully there will be more worth posting :]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mystery Photo

I went to Red Robin the other and spotted this picture on the wall (yes I know theres 100's of pictures on the walls) but this one in particular was to the left of the doorway to go down the hallway to the bathroom. It was of a blue-sy looking guy with a fedora on coming out of a deep shadow. Also there was bubble gum bubble coming from his mouth but I think that might have been a red robin add on....Does anybody know what picture I'm talking about? Does anybody know what its called or the photographer would took it? Anybody wanna help me recreate it? (you can use the photo I just want it so I can do a charcoal drawing of it for my wall)