Monday, October 31, 2011

Portrait of a Lover

Alex actually allowing me to use him as a model for once! :D lol I know I pester him alot but I think
he's so photogenic :]

Halloween Portraits

 Just a couple of portraits Alex and I did on Saturday while we were dressed up for the Zombie Apocalypse
(which either didn't happen or we never found the right place)

I want to play with lighting more but I have no equipment yet....these have a lamp pointed straight up with a white board reflecting the light back down on us. Of course these are heavily edited but I like the look of them (that could have been inspired by the Noir styled video game Alex is playing right now) Getting dress up again on Thursday to take pictures so hopefully there will be more worth posting :]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mystery Photo

I went to Red Robin the other and spotted this picture on the wall (yes I know theres 100's of pictures on the walls) but this one in particular was to the left of the doorway to go down the hallway to the bathroom. It was of a blue-sy looking guy with a fedora on coming out of a deep shadow. Also there was bubble gum bubble coming from his mouth but I think that might have been a red robin add on....Does anybody know what picture I'm talking about? Does anybody know what its called or the photographer would took it? Anybody wanna help me recreate it? (you can use the photo I just want it so I can do a charcoal drawing of it for my wall)

New Camera

Isn't it beautiful?! This is my new baby, a Canon Rebel T3. I almost wish I would have had more time to research and talk to other, more experienced Photographers (Perry :]) about this decision but when I found out about the sale Target was having, there was only one day left and Mom said she'd pay half since it was a little less expensive than some of the others I had been looking at. But despite my spontaneous purchase, I think it is a great first (real) camera and even though I've only had it for about two and a half weeks now I've already taken over 1500 photos and bought a fish eye lens (just a cheap one but still fun), extension tubes, an extra battery and I'm pricing a new camera bag. (My dad's old one that I've been using is already too small!)

Some pictures from the new camera:

Extension Tubes :]