Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Demon Sperm Wind Sock

This last week I was at the coast and as everyone that has ever been to the coast knows, it is windy 99.999% of the time. Quite windy.
So because of this fact, wind socks are quite popular there, lining many shop fronts and neighborhoods with their colorful, fluttering. These widely accepted decorations come in many joyful shapes and sizes...and some not so joyful.
Most of these shapes being happy or entertaining things, always appropriate for all ages, and it is because of this standard known in the wind sock world, that I ask you this: What is this wind sock pictured below supposed to be?!
When I was asked this very question by my dear friend Alex one thing and one thing only immediately came to mind; Demon sperm...now you can blame that on a filthy mind cultured from years of crazy friends but you can not deny that that is definitely what it appears to be.

Note: Upon finding a package of this wind sock in the store, it title was simply "Spike Ball"

If you have any other suggestions for what this might be, please feel free to let me know.