Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Here!...Sorta

Flowers are budding, then wilting back into their winter hiding places by the day it seems but I've managed to get a few cool shots along the way :)

You know, I really should post more often so I don't end up with so many 30 picture posts...makes the blog feel so cluttered I think....

I love where the Stamens have curled over after the pollen has been removed (might have to view larger to see it well)

A line of flowers a couple miles long along HWY 20

A petal that's been laying on my front porch to remind you of the bad weather we've been having lol

Katelyn! Meet your nemesis!

Ain't he cute? lol This little guy was found flying around my bathroom the other day. Prolly about 1/2" wingspan...it was hard taking pictures when he was on the window but then he dropped down onto the ledge and was very helpful :) please view full to see all the detail

My Photo A Day Challenge Photos

At the end of the Photo-A-Day Challenge (which can been explained at viewed at kandncraziness.blogspot.com) I planned to put all of my photos on my blog just because I'm proud of them lol But, that never happened so now that I have a moment, here they are :)

Please view bigger ----->

Not all of them are spectacular but I have my favorites (the rainbow clouds, rainy night, and spider) and they did what was expected, got me to look at the world around me in a different perspective. Now, months later I still see something and think about what angle I would take a picture at to make it look the best. I enjoyed it and I hope everybody following along did too :)