Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pictures I didn't realize were so good :)

I took some pictures while waiting for Alex to get ready the other day so I assumed they weren't that great since I really didn't put much effort into them at all. But I finally looked at them just now and I was lucky to get a couple that throughly impressed/entertained me. Hope you like (please view full to really see it)

Happy Rapture Day :]

This morning Alex and I got distracted for a good hour or more looking at Rapture Jokes people had posted only to celebrate the fact that we, believers and non are still here. I'm sure Heaven is having fun at laughing at us as well...Anyway, Alex wanted to submit something as well so we started trying to think of ideas...This is what we came up with :) Enjoy!
Half Raptured

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The life cycles happening in my backyard

 I happen to walk through the back yard the other day and found this ant colony swarming a dead yellow jacket...It was quite fascinating to watch these little guys tug and pull. A particularly confident ant yanked at the bee's antenna for quite awhile barely budging the comparably huge creature.