Saturday, April 9, 2011

While Alex mowed the lawn....

 This little guy was growing between the cracks in the street and looked very proud lol
 I really thought this would be harder to catch but they were quite cooperative :]

 Not quite[tall? long? big?] enough to reach the next blade of grass

The flies might have been nice but I had to chase this guy all afternoon to get this one shot...*sigh*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Maybe Spring Really IS Here....

 "Taking home a baby bumble bee" was stuck in my head all day after this 
 Again I love the curled Stamens, who'd a thunk a  weed could be beautiful up-close?
(please view full to see all the  detail) 
Brave little Ladybug 

That strange flower revisited 

(Click to see pictures in full size to see all the detail)

Strange Flower Spotted

While on a walk the other day, Alex and I noticed this strange flower alongside the path. No idea what it is but I had to come back with a camera to document it :)

My hand for scale

Such big leaves! 

And if that wasn't strange enough, we found an anomaly among the anomalies :]

Anybody know what it is? Pretty but I didn't touch it (just in case) :]