Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mediocrity Poster

My favorite class this term is my Independent Studies I have with a great prof. One of the projects I chose for that class is to make a poster in reflection of the Mediocrity Commercials Subaru ran last year.
I was fascinated by this ad campaign mostly because of it's dedication. Almost completely devoid of any explanation, just a quiet link at the end of the commercial that led you to an elaborate website appearing to belong to "Mediocrity Motors" in which you have to navigate through in order to find a small link at the bottom of a letter from the CEO that takes you the Subaru website. It's genius because the contrast of the boring, dull Mediocrity and the bold, exciting Subaru page absolutely blows your mind. The website seems to have since been taken down but the commercials can still be found on Youtube.

Mediocrity Commercials:

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